It Might Be Getting Warm Out but Use ICE to Increase Your Sales

May 20, 2008 at 4:54 pm | Posted in Customer Service, Networking, sales, Sales & Technology, Sales Training, small business, technology | Leave a comment

Did you know that “ICE” can help you turn a cold lead into a hot sale? This easy to remember acronym maps out the most effective way to work with a new prospect? Yes, it’s that simple. Regardless if you’re selling high ticket products or professional services, remembering to use “ICE” will help guide you through the sales process. What do the letters signify?


I is for Investigate

Start by performing the necessary due diligence to determine if a prospect is sales worthy and qualified. Don’t be afraid to ask the questions needed to weed out those not qualified or pursue those that have potential. This “investigation” can be accomplished with a pre-prospecting call or even during your initial contact with a prospect. Remember, gathering this information isn’t intrusive. Rather, it’s the only way to avoid wasting your time on those that can’t or won’t buy from you.


C is for Convert

After you’ve determined that a prospect has the potential to buy, pull out your sales techniques and skills and convert them into a client.  Use the information that you’ve acquired during your “investigation” to tailor your presentation to their needs, and don’t forget to ask for the sale.


E is for Expand

Don’t let a sale be the end of your contact with a client. Consider other opportunities for more business. Try cross-selling and upselling the full plethora of products and services that are applicable to a client. Ask for referrals and offer contacts that might be helpful to them. Keep an open line of communication with the client after the sale and focus on repeat business. It’s always easier and less costly to sell to an existing customer than to pursue a new one.  


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