What’s Holding Them…And You…Back

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The economy remains slow, existing customers are still reluctant to buy, and new business seems to be virtually absent. Are these really the problems? Or is it simply self-inflicted inertia? Almost always, when a salesperson is not successful, sluggishness and inactivity are the primary causes.

The recession has definitely caused many inert salespeople to give up. Not so many years ago, when the economy was thriving, many so-called “professionals” only needed to do the bare minimum to make their quota or achieve their performance goals. These are exactly the same people who are now complaining that they are victims of the recession. Perhaps, they are more victims of their own inability to be proactive.

Customers are still reluctant to buy and many are just as plagued by the same inertia as your fellow salespeople who are twiddling their thumbs and complaining. However, there are ways to jumpstart your prospects and your sales by taking these movement-making steps:

Uncover Their Obstacles

Do you know the real reasons why your prospects aren’t saying yay or nay? It’s your responsibility to uncover the root causes of their inertia. Are they not budging because they have been burned in the past? Do they not have money? Is the person you’re selling to not the decision-maker? Without this information, you’ll be hard-pressed to overcome their indecision.

Restate Benefits

Often times, a sale isn’t made because a salesperson doesn’t clearly communicate the benefits of their product or service. This isn’t the same thing as spouting out features. It’s understanding your prospect and telling them clearly why their life will be better with what you are selling.

Provide Compelling Testimonials

Prospects will always feel more comfortable if they can read customer stories that are relevant and timely. Have readily available case studies, customer quotes, and references that you can give those who are sitting on the fence and unable to make a decision. One good testimonial can make all the difference.

Be Persistent

Stop complaining and just get out there. Make calls and visits. Follow through with enthusiasm, and stay focused on making those sales. Don’t let yourself be overcome by the inertia that is affecting those around you, and you’ll find that the economy is only as bad as you make it.


It’s 2010…Now What!

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Queen Elizabeth II once described 1992 as her “annus horribilis” – the year when the marriages of her two sons broke down and her beloved Windsor Castle caught fire. For many of us, 2009 was our annus horribilus. Full of bad news, dire warnings, slow sales, and business failures, we’ve all dramatically lowered our expectations and goals. The fear is that things were so bad this past year, that anything will be an improvement. Sure, we’re all a bit shell-shocked, but really, is “anything” the goal you want to set for yourself and your business?

 Without a doubt, setting New Year’s goals is artificial, but it is just the sort of boost that we seem to all need right now. It’s time to turn the chapter to a new decade and set goals a whole lot higher than “anything is better”. 

Why not go out on a limb and set outrageously optimistic goals? Reach for the stars! What a blast it will be when you accomplish them. If you fall a bit short, you won’t feel bad because they were so optimistic in the first place. What if you only set the “anything” goal and you don’t achieve it? You’ll most likely feel like a loser and will consider 2010 another annus horribilus.

Positivity starts with you now. It will propel you to succeed and keep you motivated through the bumpy and cyclical phases that everyone and every business experiences. Why not be the one to set the lofty goal. Who knows? You might just start a trend that turns this year into a whopping success!

When You See What Isn’t There

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We’re all guilty of this situation. We see something that just isn’t there.

I’m not referring to those possible circumstances when you might have, well, imbibed too much. Or, your glasses are cloudy or maybe you don’t have them on at all, and the squinting has caused you to experience some sort of visual hallucination.

Nope, that’s not what I am talking about.

I’m referring to those times when we hang on to a prospect — and then hang on some more—simply because we’re seeing something that just isn’t there.

We’re seeing hope and possibilities, business opportunities and potential.

But it just isn’t there.

Our boundless energy and enthusiasm can occasionally color our vision so instead of seeing reality we see what we want to see.

Now I’m not saying that we should “pull the plug” on our prospects if they don’t move through the sales funnel in record time.

What I am referring to is the useful technique known as “screening and qualifying”. By consciously engaging in this step in the sales process, you can be more certain that the very prospect you are so eagerly pursuing actually has the sales potential and worthiness you so crave.

In a lengthy sales cycle, things change, priorities shift, budgets get readjusted and what was once a truly viable prospect has just become untenable.

Once again please don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting that you pull the plug prematurely.

What I am recommending is that you take a long hard look at your prospect database. Make certain that your pipeline is screened and has been put into categories based upon their potential sales worthiness.

Once you do that you can follow-up, follow-through and work your pipeline very efficiently.

You minimize the possibility that you will see what isn’t there, not because you are tipsy or having troubles with your eyes but because you are living in an enchanted land where all prospects are qualified, interested and created equal.

I Missed Out On Being A Mompreneur

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As I see the success and recognition that so many mom entrepreneurs are making in today’s business world, I’m slightly envious that I’m not part of this growing movement. However, I’m also extremely proud to have helped pave the way for this new generation of powerful and passionate women.

When I started Adrian Miller Sales Training 22 years ago, being a working mom was something you kept quiet. You simply didn’t speak about your kids while conducting business, and you certainly didn’t market yourself as a mom business owner if you wanted to be taken seriously.

As the mother of two young boys working from a home office, I had to keep my personal life under wraps for a number of years. With few support groups for mom business owners and no internet for connecting online with others, there was definitely a sense of being alone and isolated.

Thank goodness those days are long gone! Whether you’re a successful “mompreneur”, newly laid off from a career, or just heading down the path of following your passion, you have more opportunities and tools for you to reach your goals than ever before. Just remember the following and set the example for the next generation of business owners through your enthusiasm, dedication, and ultimate success.

Have Some Passion

Even with all of the technology designed to keep us “in touch”, entrepreneurship can be lonely. There will be those times when the road is tough, and you feel like giving up. It’s those exact moments when you need to draw on your true passion for what you’re doing and forge ahead.

Have a Plan

When I was a “mompreneur”, I had full-time child care so that I was able to pursue my business without too many distractions. Same holds true for anyone launching a business. Develop a detailed, realistic plan for how you will schedule your time, support yourself, promote your business, and get all those other “to do” items done.

Have a Support Group

While you might have a loving family to support you, you also need peers who can punch holes in your dreams so that you can see the reality and mend the holes so your dreams can prosper.

Network, Network, Network

Networking is the foundation of building a business regardless if you’re a “mompreneur” catering to a local market or the CEO of a multi-national conglomeration. In fact, most moms with businesses are excellent networkers and could actually teach a thing or two to many C-level execs. Moms have clear and distinct support groups on Meetups, in local areas, and on the web. They get the benefits of connecting with others and support each other in ways that many other business owners don’t.

Find Balance

Yes, “mompreneurs” are passionate about their work, but they are equally as focused on their family. Make sure that you have enough outlets and other interests to keep your work and personal life in balance.

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