Having A Baby Is A Lot Like Developing A New Client

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The ability to nurture is essential for any new parent, just as it is for every sales professional. Both parenting and selling require a high level of patience, dedication, and understanding. Certainly, not everyone has these qualities. However, if you do, the rewards of both jobs can be unbeatable.

As with having a baby, working with a new client can take you on a long and winding road that may occasionally have some bumps. But, as you navigate through the stages listed below, you realize that your consistent efforts can be instrumental in the flourishing of a business relationship that provides you with long-lasting rewards.


While you may not be grappling with morning sickness and an expanding waistline, the early stages of working with a client is akin to the nine months of pregnancy. It’s time to be smart, protect what is developing, and get ready for the new gig. As well, readying your team for the upcoming new business is also on your ‘to do’ list.

The Birth

Congratulations! After all the pre-planning and diligent work, the client is really yours. Now, what are you going to do? How quickly the glow will end and the reality of keeping your client hits home. Sure, you’re still thrilled, but some of the hallucinatory glee might be beginning to wane.

Middle of the Night Feedings and Wiping Butts

You’re now in the thick of it. Just like a baby, your client needs your help and reassurance, maybe at all hours of the night. They might even seem a little or a lot helpless, but this is the client that you wanted. Right? Hang in there. Brighter days will soon follow.

Growing Up and Being Part of the Family

The labor-intensive diaper changing or extreme hand-holding days are now behind you, and you finally have a moment to reflect. What do you see? Someone you’ve nurtured and incorporated into your family. Yes, long-term clients really do become members of your extended business family.

Staying Attentive

Salespeople, like parents, simply can’t sustain the level of attentiveness that is required in the beginning stages of a relationship. That’s understandable. Whether you’re the parent who plops their kid in front of the TV to get a few minutes of peace, or the salesperson who needs to focus on another client, it’s simply impossible to stay 100% focused all day, every day. That’s ok.

However, while it’s understandable to shift your focus from time to time, you don’t want to risk losing a relationship because of neglect. A client, just like a child, requires a level of care and nurturing, even when they’ve become self-sufficient.  Your responsibility as a parent or a salesperson with a client doesn’t end at this point. Your relationship will inevitably change over time, and your success will ultimately be measured by how your relationship has been maintained over the long haul.


This Year Sucked, Now Get Over It

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You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in sales who has had a banner year in 2009. For almost everyone, it just downright sucked.

The good news is that we’re counting down the last days before a new decade, and it’s time to think ahead and regain the positivity that keeps us salespeople pumped up and energetic. What do you need to do now to ready yourself for 2010? Here are the top five items for your “to do” list to give you a jumpstart so that the new year and new decade don’t suck.

Have a Strategy Ready to Go on January 1st

Every successful salesperson needs a marketing and business development strategy. It doesn’t have to be a complicated document filled with charts and graphs. But, you do need a well-thought out plan of action that you’re going to implement. Work on it now, and get ready to use it the minute the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Day.

Reconnect with Dormant Accounts

You may have been shot down repeatedly in 2009 by existing clients who just had no business to give you. Don’t let them discourage you. Reconnect and find out where they are now with their businesses. Some may still not need what you’re offering, but some might. And, by staying on their radar, you’ll be on their mind when they are ready to purchase again.

Network More Strategically

With business screeching to a halt over the course of this extended recession, many of us ramped up our networking efforts to varying degrees of success to seek out new contacts and business opportunities. Yes, there are more networking options than ever, but that doesn’t mean that we have to take advantage of all of them. Use your time wisely and only focus on those that offer real value. Stay focused on only the networking events and groups that attract the individuals who you’re trying to connect with.

Think Out of The Box

Now, more than ever, creative, innovative thinking has become the ticket to success. Those who are willing to experiment with different approaches and take the initiative to succeed will be rewarded with new business. Those who are simply resting on their laurels may find 2010 to be just as challenging as this past year. Find ways to add value to everything you do for your clients. Undoubtedly, salespeople who go the extra mile right now and impress those that they’re selling to will find that business is there for the taking.

Embrace Social Media

No more negative comments about social media. While you’re making fun of your competitor who is tweeting, blogging, or connecting with industry contacts on LinkedIn, they’re taking business away from you. Social networking sites, for the most part, are extremely user-friendly. So, there isn’t any excuse for you not to get on board. Why not get your name and your expertise out there in the new year? You’ll soon be on the bandwagon and making new sales and contacts in ways that you never thought possible.

Just Cause Ya Can

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Back in the day work was conducted during “regular” business hours. Business calls came into the office and pretty much stopped once you left for the day. The weekends were sacrosanct and nobody called you at home unless, of course, the call was pre-arranged.

All that has changed. The cell phone has provided us with the ability to get in touch at all times of the day or night, 7 days a week. But just cause ya can doesn’t mean you should.

Yes, sometimes the messages are incredibly important. And when the matter at hand is time sensitive, an evening or weekend contact is perfectly okay.

But sometimes the message is, well, not that incredibly time sensitive or urgent. And a call that is received at 8PM at night or mid-day on a Sunday is just plain intrusive.

So be careful before making that call. Think about what you need to say or ask. Can it wait until the next business day and during “regular” business hour? If not and time is of the essence, then certainly make the call and know that it is going to be received in a positive light.

But if in reflecting upon the urgency of the call you come to the realization that it can surely wait until a more suitable timeslot, then hold off making the call.

Remember, just cause ya can doesn’t mean you should.

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