Lawyers Have it Tough

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Lawyers have a tough time. There are scads of them (well, here in New York anyway) and the ability to differentiate is oftentimes problematic. The large firms have marketing departments that assist with marketing/branding the firm; small firms and solos need to rely on “marketing by committee” and there’s where things often fall apart.

Business is tight these days and the need to get and stay noticed is imperative. Still, lawyers did not go to school to become proficient at marketing.

What to do?  Call Paramjit Mahli ( and let her fabulous company help you out.  (And hey, if you’re not a lawyer and you’re reading this, make certain to tell your lawyer friends. They’ll thank you for it!)

And while I’m talking about lawyers….after the PR has started and the marketing dance is in full swing, a few sales thoughts for the taking:

I’m here to ask you, specifically and simply: HOW are you in business?

What are you like?  Are you pleasant?  Are you responsive?  Are you fair?  Do you demonstrate in HOW you are in business, that you care about helping people with whatever solution you provide?  Do you give your clients a reason to be glad that they do business with you?  Would YOU buy from you?

Here’s the thing: business culture today is so focused on the target/goal/objective, that the means of achieving those ends — the HOW of business — is often an afterthought.  In fact, sometimes, the HOW is not thought of at all, and so becomes utterly subjugated, sacrificed and snuffed out in relentless — arguably obsessive — pursuit of the bottom line and exclusively measurable outcomes. The HOW becomes nothing but a necessary evil between you and the WHY.  And like all necessary evils, you treat it with resistance, contempt and disdain (experienced life at the DMV lately?).




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