Winging It: Hurricane Irene & How You Run Your Business

August 27, 2011 at 2:10 pm | Posted in Adrian Miller Sales Training | Leave a comment
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Be smart. Be prepared.

That’s what lots of folks along the Eastern seaboard are hearing. And many, myself included, have heeded these words and have stocked the house with water and food, made certain that the flash lights are operative, filled the car with gas and on and on and on.

A bit tedious and maybe even a bit unnecessary…but then again, maybe not.

Just maybe this IS going to be as huge a storm as they’re telling us about.

And so tedious or not, I’m not taking any chances and I’ve put everything in order.

But that’s how I usually do things. Even when it seems tedious I’ll often take the time to prepare, learn my lines, do the research; in effect, get things in order.

How do you run your business, create sales, deal with clients?

  • Are you the type that takes the time to be prepared or are you more of a “wing it” sort of individual?
  • Do you take the time to learn about your prospect’s company before the meeting or are you certain that you can catch up and roll with the conversation once it’s underway?
  • How about your speeches? Do you practice and make certain that your timing is impeccable or once again, do you “expect” that it will all work out just fine?

Regardless of your personal style in business here’s hoping that you’ve taken the time to prepare today. In business it might mean that you don’t win an account; the consequences of not preparing for Irene are much much worse.




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