3 Tips to Make Your Resolutions Sticky

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OK so this is one of those “heading into the New Year” type of posts but honestly, it’s applicable most any time of year.  I mean we do make resolutions (i.e. goals, intentions, plans) all the time and we know that, well, we don’t always stick to our plans.

Here’s how to make them more sticky:

Write them down. This is an old cliché but it’s recognized that what gets recorded has a better chance of being accomplished. Print out your resolutions and put them on your bulletin board, in your wallet, on your desk, anywhere where they will be visible to you on a consistent basis. Not a “print” oriented person? Ok then, type them into notes and have them visible on your computer/tablet/phone screen.  It really doesn’t much matter where they are just as long as they are visible.

Make them public. Yes, tell friends, family and co-workers. It’s human nature to not wish to “fail” in public so make your resolutions known to all. (Note: it might get annoying if you become subjected to constant reminders about your resolutions or plans. Be prepared to suck it up and deal with people’s helpful {aka snide} comments.)

Make them doable (although a bit of a stretch is OK too). Setting unachievable goals is a plan that is doomed for failure. Make certain that your resolutions are doable and that even though you might need to work hard to accomplish them, they are certainly within your power to accomplish. And don’t be too easy on yourself. Working hard to accomplish your resolutions should be considered a positive task and not punishment.

So there you have it. Three really simple ways to help you make your resolutions a reality.

As for me, I don’t require an official “start date” to get things rolling and I guess I make “New Year’s” resolutions all year long.

How about you?


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