How to Divorce Your Client in 5 Easy Steps

November 20, 2011 at 9:35 pm | Posted in sales | Leave a comment
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Breaking Up Is Hard To DO!

You know the signs.  You’re not getting along anymore; you seem to be on different pages and can never agree. Your relationship is bordering on hostile and you don’t seem to be making each other happy anymore.  The relationship keeps getting worse and there appears to be no other solution…it’s time to get divorced.

Yes, just like in marriage the good times with a client can come to an end. And just like in marriage, it doesn’t make sense to prolong the negative.  Here’s how you can experience a business divorce and emerge relatively unscathed:

  • Make certain that you’ve explored every possible option before making the irrevocable decision to divorce. Don’t be hasty. You never know; you just might be able to turn things around. Remember how long it takes to win a new client; is this “really” the time to set this one free?
  • Don’t leave your client in the lurch. Once you’ve told them about the impending breakup ask them if they’d like your assistance in locating another resource who can provide them with the products / services that they need.
  • (Using a well-worn cliché here), don’t burn your bridges. Refrain from speaking poorly of the client and / or the current situation in which you find yourself. You never know when your paths might cross again.
  • Be ready to move forward and learn from the situation that has just ended. Think about what went wrong and how the problems might have been avoided. Don’t fall into the same situation again.
  • Think positively of yourself. It takes a certain degree of confidence and courage to divorce a client. Many businesses will accept a dismal and less than satisfying relationship with a client even to the point when it is destructive to employee morale and profitability. Regardless of the negativity they find themselves unable to walk away.

One last point, make certain that you’ve taken the steps to fill the void that is left when you end the relationship. You don’t want to hold onto something that is bad but you want to be certain to be able to win new business in an effective and expedient manner. Your success depends upon it!


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