All I’m Asking For Is A Little Respect

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Sing it Aretha!

Respect. One of the basic human wants and needs. We all want respect, crave it in fact and will often work hard to obtain it.

But ask yourself, do you respect your clients? No really, don’t answer quite so quickly. Do you R E S P E C T your clients? Here’s what I mean:

Do you return calls and emails in a timely manner and for that matter, do you know what “timely” means to your clients vs. what YOU consider to be timely? (Hint, they’re often not in sync.)

Do you keep your clients apprised of what’s going on with their project and do you do this proactively or simply wait for them to “check in” with you for a status update?

Do you promise the world and then scramble to do the job while the scrambling results in a less than stellar work product?

Do you provide your client with out-of-the-box thinking or are you pleased that they will accept “just what you give them”?

Do you miss deadlines?

Do you change the budget and do so without ample warning?

Do you do ANY of these things?

Yep, it’s all about respect.


I’m No Lady Gaga, But___

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I’m honest enough to admit that I was late to the Lady Gaga party. When Gaga hit the scene I scoffed that she was nothing but a Madonna wanna-be (Mmmm, the Lady Gaga of “my” generation) and hadn’t we seen this all before (cue music, sigh, roll eyes). But as the months rolled by and I heard more, saw more and read more, I gained a new found respect for this young woman that seems to call her own shots, define her territory and create an immediately recognizable brand, all the while capturing and retaining the adoration of her Little Monsters.

Now I would never (never!) be so presumptuous as to do any sort of Gaga and Adrian comparison. That would be really nuts, right? But for amusement’s sake, let’s play this out a step or two.

You see (like Lady Gaga) I also aim to gain the dedication and loyalty of my clients, contacts, referral sources and prospects extending myself at all times and in all ways by being a trusted ally and friend ready, able and willing (most of all willing) to lend a hand when needed.

The “buzz” around my personal brand has indicated that I’ve been successful in demonstrating my commitment, and it is something that I think about and attempt to improve each and every day.

What about you? Are you like Lady Gaga? How are you growing your base of fans and most of all, do your fans know how much you care? How do you demonstrate your appreciation and respect for their business and / or friendship?

Most of us don’t do a good enough job of this so before you cast aside any thoughts that Lady Gaga can’t possibly be a business role model, think again.

Like Mom Says: Eat Your Vegetables, Wear White at Night and RETURN YOUR PHONE CALLS!

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I like to think that I’m a reasonable sort of person with reasonable sorts of demands. And, as a client, I truly think I’m top-notch, bending over backward to be accommodating and flexible because…heck…I’m a consultant myself and I know how difficult it can be to juggle the myriad of priorities that hit our plates each and every day. So, I’m easy going and pretty low maintenance except for one thing…Responsiveness.


There’s been surveys that show that one of the most prevalent reasons that people fire their lawyers is due to lack of returned phone calls. Hah, I said. That can’t be accurate.  Everyone knows that you have to return client calls in a timely manner and, armed with our cell phones and PDAs, attending to this task is not as difficult as it once was. Even with court schedules and pressing demands, a timely returned call is a mandate.


So imagine my chagrin to realize that my own lawyer (they shall remain nameless—at least for now!) has not returned my phone call in 4 days. Nothing. No voice mail left for me late at night or early in the morn. No email explanation. Just silence.


My plan is to put the firm on notice, tell them of my expectations and ask them if they can meet or even exceed them. 


Keep tuned to see whether they meet the challenge.

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