Cry, Baby

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Cry, Baby.   Oh Janis.

The budget is frozen.

Uncertain about 2012.

No money for “discretionary” expenses.

We think you’re great BUT…

This is what lots of business owners are hearing these days and I don’t know about you but it is getting a tad more than tiresome.

But I’m not giving in…nope, not a chance.

You shouldn’t either.  Here’s some advice:

  • Demonstrate how your program, your service, your deliverable is damn well not DISCRETIONARY and, in fact, is something that goes right to the core of the client’s business. And if they don’t hear you the first time, be persistent. Remember that you can’t lose what you don’t have.
  • Expand the conversation about budget and costs and be prepared to be flexible with your terms and pricing. Can you re-engineer your offerings and negotiate a reduced rate for this contract period?
  • Everyone is uncertain about what’s ahead for 2012. Can you present enough bottom-line value that they will see you as a trusted advisor and business resource and one that they cannot afford to cut?
  • Are you doing enough networking and prospecting to ensure that your sales pipeline will support you in the potentially lean months ahead?
  • Do you have trusted advisors to whom you can turn for feedback on your business efforts? Have you considered a business coach?

This is our time to lay the groundwork for 2012.

No tears.


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