Fresh Burst Listerine and Other Such New Enhancements for Your Sales Pleasure

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I do wish that I was a consumer products marketer for it seems that with great regularity they are able to come out with product improvements and enhancements, designed I believe, to push consumers into the stores and get them to buy the new (improved) version of what they already bought.

We service providers should take a lesson from consumer marketers. We should be examining our service offerings on a regular basis and thinking about how we can enhance and improve upon what we are currently providing.  How often do we go out into the marketplace and tell clients and prospects alike about our newest, greatest, most improved version of…well, ourselves.

We should be taking a lesson from all of those packaged goods firms and consumer marketing giants that manage to keep us interested and going back to get their next best and latest version of __________.

Let’s take a lesson from Listerine, shall we?







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