Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, Please

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I take many subway rides each day as I navigate through the city heading to meetings, lunch appointments, networking events and the like. Uptown, downtown, the New York City subway is the fastest and most efficient way to get from one place to another.

And at each stop: “Stand clear of the closing doors please.”

Yes, over and over again at each stop, “stand clear of the closing doors please.”

And do you know what…the repetition works! The ongoing (taped) reminder seems to help us all step out of the way when the doors open thereby letting our fellow riders get on and get off at their stop. Yes indeed, stand clear of the closing doors please.

(Would we stand out of the way without the constant reminder? Mmm, not certain, but I rather think not. And anyway, why take that chance; it’s easy enough to remind us!)

Now think about your business. How often do you remind your clients and prospects of your key deliverables, repeat your value proposition and key points of differentiation and reiterate exactly how your business improves their personal or business lives?

Are you reminding them enough or do you think that because you told them once or even twice you just don’t have to say it again?

Are you leaving business on the table because your clients and prospects simply don’t “recall” exactly what you provide, or ALL of the things that you can do for them?

Stand clear of the closing doors please indeed.


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