Content is King…Not!

August 15, 2011 at 7:13 am | Posted in Adrian Miller Sales Training, sales | 2 Comments
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Content is king. Mmmm, perhaps so but really, will your awesome blog post, catchy headline and pithy commentary close the deal?

I’m afraid not and although these words (yes we used to call “content” words) might help pave the way to credibility and recognition and bring prospects to your door, they will not, let me say that again, they will not close the business.

YOU do that.

And so at the end of the social media tunnel there needs to be a sales person waiting to take those prospects by the hand and lead them carefully, strategically and skillfully to the sale.

So just when you are thinking that the day is done with a blog post loaded, status updates completed and a tweet or two under your belt, you are really just getting started.

Pick up that phone and reach out to a few new prospects, reconnect with some existing clients and dormant accounts and start the real dialogue. Ask questions, learn new facts, present value,  I n t e r a c t.



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  1. Typical Adrian: spot on and to the point.

  2. I agree, to a point: nothing beats staying connected, but great content makes it easier to avoid the dreaded “just calling to check in” conversation.

    Interact but make it about them, not you. “Check in” by providing industry information, an example of how a similar firm has benefited from your expertise, or just something entertaining.

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