Instant Karma

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You know it when it happens. Instant karma, the kind that sets your sales mind soaring and gets your energy sky high.

Yep, instant karma’s gonna win me the business!

Um, not so fast.

As a sales consultant I’ve seen lots of sales gone bad, instances in which a sales rep was absolutely CERTAIN that the deal was in the bag. There was, after all, instant karma.

But guess what, instant karma can’t always save the day. In fact, it rarely does and here’s why:

  • A great connection and good vibes can help pave the way but a less than stellar presentation of benefits and a compelling value proposition are really what seal the deal.
  • A “feel good” conversation often spirals out of business boundaries and there isn’t enough probing to uncover the red flags. Heck, why probe? We’re buds, right?
  • People do business with people they like but people also do business with people that they respect, trust and admire. If you come across as too much of a pal, the respect and admiration might become just a tad diluted.

    Yes, instant karma is fantastic and it sure feels good. It can also aid you in developing and closing business but you can’t minimize the importance of old-fashioned sales skills and techniques.



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  1. so true. Thanks A

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