Drill Baby Drill

May 19, 2011 at 10:23 am | Posted in Adrian Miller Sales Training, sales, small business | 1 Comment

Nope, I am not channeling Sarah Palin nor do I have any sort of contract with the oil companies. The drilling that I’m referencing is down deep into your own database wherein lurks dormant accounts, untapped and untouched prospects and referral sources that have fallen off the radar screen.

Drill baby drill.

Most of us are sitting on a potential goldmine of new business and here’s the crazy thing. This “new” business can come from past clients with whom you already have a relationship and track record of success.

There’s no need to establish credibility; you already have it, earned at some earlier point in time when you did your first project/s.

We’re all out there searching for new business but while you’re searching perhaps you need look right in your own contact list. That’s right. Drill baby drill.


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  1. Great point Adrian about finding business right under our noses with people we already have a relationship with.

    I would add, how about doubling back and looking at some of the prospects you met through tradeshows and events, the ones where the timing wasn’t right or the need wasn’t quite there, but you know they match your target and/or they expressed interest? Those should not be cold calls, especially if you have nurtured them at all in the meanwhile.

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