To Confirm or Not to Confirm, That is The Question

December 12, 2010 at 8:02 pm | Posted in Adrian Miller Sales Training, Adrian's Network, Networking, sales, Sales Training, small business | Leave a comment

We all like to feel important, valuable and memorable. And we surely like to think that our business appointments are desired, anticipated and yes, remembered!

So if that’s the case, and our appointments are set with care and are not “drop-ins”, are confirmations really necessary?

I ask this question because I didn’t confirm a meeting last week and I was left waiting. I realize now that it remains to be seen whether or not the appointment itself was actually definitive enough. I certainly thought that it was and clearly the other person did not and that leads to yet another potential problem and that’s perception.

We all communicate in our own unique manner and what seems definitive to me might not be so definitive for you.

So when you factor in the chance of differing perceptions on how “definite” is the appointment coupled with the complex calendars that most of us are forced to keep, then perhaps a meeting confirmation is really in order.

It surely seems that way when you find yourself waiting in vain.


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