I Hate to Say It But I’m Burned Out On Networking

December 1, 2010 at 4:57 pm | Posted in Adrian Miller Sales Training, Adrian's Network, entrepreneurship, Marketing, Networking, New York Sales Trainer, sales, Sales Training, small business | Leave a comment

Oh, not me…I’m not burned out. I’ve taken my own advice and have emerged on the other side of burned out and now find myself in a comfortable and frankly, beneficial networking “space”.

So, how can YOU stave off the burnout that seems to really ratchet up this time of year:

1. Recognize that not every group or event is right for you. Pick and chose carefully. It’s not quantity; it’s the quality of the activities in which you are immersed. And while we’re on the topic make certain that you are networking in places where you’ll find your prospects OR excellent referral sources. If they’re not there, why should you be wasting your time?

2. Give it your best shot but be prepared to move on. What do I mean? Well, once you join a group it’s in your best interest to get as involved as possible. Attend meetings, initiate one-on-ones with individual members; in essence, work it to the best of your abilities. But if nothing happens and by that I mean there are no leads, contacts, connections or anything at all that can be construed as a benefit to your business existence, then cut bait and leave when your membership period has ended.

3. Be attentive and proactive with all of your introductions but if someone doesn’t reply after several attempts by email and phone you should move on. The exception to this “rule” is if/when you know that there is a tremendous amount of potential to be realized and you intend to use dogged persistence to make contact. But…if this is a networking introduction and they are still not getting back to you I might surmise that the potential is just not going to be realized.

4. Start a group. That’s the best way to ensure that you are surrounded by highly referable and good networkers!

5. Not enough reciprocity for ya? Sometimes you have to truly reach out and ask for those introductions that were promised to you. You might hate to that but in the networking world there are some people that don’t remember that introductions should be reciprocal. Be proactive. Sometimes the other person doesn’t even realize that you’d like to meet some their contacts too.

Networking is time consuming and takes consistency and fortitude. Burnout can easily occur but if you follow these steps you’ll be better able to keep burnout at bay.


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