Customer Service Cred: You Either Have It Or You Don’t

September 12, 2010 at 8:55 am | Posted in Adrian Miller Sales Training, Customer Service, entrepreneurship | 1 Comment
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The devil is Dell Computer or so it seems after reading The Haggler column in today’s (9/12) New York Times. We’ve all been there with computer issues, deadlines looming, fear in one’s heart and a totally inept Customer Service rep on the other end of our phone.

I swear. I truly got chills when reading the article. Why can Zappos make it work and yet, according to the article, Dell cannot even take ownership of the situation and be properly contrite. Buying a Dell PC are you? Read the article.

And then there’s “A Ray of Sunshine in Every Bite” extolling the sheer unadulterated happiness that comes about when entering Blue Sky, a muffin shop in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The muffins sound sublime, the ambiance even more so and I have already bookmarked the store for when I am in that ‘hood.

There you have it. Dell or Blue Sky. Which sounds more like your business in terms of pure satisfaction on the part of customers?

We all hear a lot of sound bites about the importance of good customer service. What type of CS do you provide? All of us should have a good idea of what our customers think about our product AND our service.

A good way to uncover the truth: a Voice of Customer survey to learn what you are doing well and what you need to improve. Can you afford to not be interested?

PS. Dell, I AM available to discuss a Customer Service skills training program to coordinate with what you are doing in-house (and that is clearly not working as well as it should!)


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  1. I was pretty astounded as I read the Haggler on Sunday to find out that Dell has not done something to improve their service. After Jeff Jarvis vented his feelings on back in ’05 and started a tsunami of Dell bad customer service stories, one would think they would have fixed the problems for good. One would think.

    Consumers control the conversation. Period.

    What is it that Dell – and say, uh AT&T, Amtrack, and I’m reading Comcast (again) don’t get? Customers trust customers.

    I once had a Dell. I didn’t have any problems with it, but when it came time to by computers again – I didn’t buy Dell precisely because of all the bad press they got. I was a customer and then bought 3 computers from HP because I’d gotten tired of hearing bad things about Dell.

    You know, I have to laugh. We’re in this recession and the MOST important thing in the world is keeping the customers we have and keeping them happy and one of the first things cut from budgets is spending on customer service training (they don’t even let them buy books these days.) I’m laughing because it’s a joke to think companies that have ignored their customers and their support teams during tough times will be able to make it through to rebound in good times. For one thing – their good employees will leave as soon as the tide turns.

    Okay.. this is starting to sound like a rant. Nope. Won’t do it. What will it take to WAKE UP?

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