Memo to All Professionals: Make Certain That the Person At Your Front Desk SMILES!

July 27, 2010 at 2:39 pm | Posted in Adrian Miller Sales Training, Customer Service, sales, small business | Leave a comment

Seems pretty straightforward, huh? I mean you hired someone for your front desk and as one of their responsibilities they have to meet and greet all of the people coming into your office. Simple, yes? Even basic, like:

–Looking up when someone enters the office
–Making eye contact and smiling in a welcoming manner
–Asking if they might be able to be of assistance and asking in a pleasant and helpful tone of voice

Yes, I know—basics!

But honestly now, how many times have you entered an office (doctor, lawyer, some sort of business) and experienced just the opposite. No greeting, no smile, no eye contact. In fact you might have felt as if you were invisible.

Crazy huh. In this time of economic uncertainty and mass competition you would think that firms would pay attention and make certain that the people entering their office feel welcome and appreciated.

How does someone feel when they enter your office? Are you 100% certain that the greeting that they receive is warm, cordial and welcoming. Why not survey some of your customers and hear what they have to say. If their feedback is positive make sure to commend your staff, but if their feedback indicates that you have a problem, take immediate steps to correct the situation or you just might find yourself losing the customers you worked so hard to earn.


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