Nurturing Your Client. Yes, Client Management is a lot Like Being a Parent.

July 6, 2010 at 6:44 pm | Posted in Adrian Miller Sales Training, Adrian's Network, entrepreneurship, sales, Sales Training | Leave a comment

Much like a new baby, new clients need nurturing. Sure this seems a bit far-fetched but really, there are some distinct similarities:

* Babies like to have your attention. They don’t thrive and grow if they are ignored and under-stimulated. It’s the same with new clients. There is a serious problem if the wooing stops when the prospect turns into a client and all of a sudden, the attention and concern that are being shown are suddenly taken away or severely curtailed.

* Babies need understanding. They can try your patience and cause you dismay yet underneath it all you know that if you just wait it out and handle things appropriately the bad mood and corresponding tears will go away. It’s the same with that new client. They might seem awfully needy and yes, try your goodwill and patience more than you would like but if handled with skill and finesse, even the most difficult client can be made to be appreciative.

* Babies need to be taught and while they might come fully loaded and hard wired with their own personality, they need you to teach them, well, just about everything. Clients are truly the same. You need to teach and keep them in the loop as to what you are doing for them, why you are doing it and what is the potential outcome. Left to their own devices, clients might panic and draw the wrong conclusions. By taking the time to educate them you are, in fact, helping to develop a “better” client.


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