Pushing the Pipeline: I Don’t Know About You But Business is STILL Slow

June 8, 2010 at 6:51 am | Posted in Adrian Miller Sales Training, Adrian's Network, entrepreneurship, sales, Sales Training, small business | Leave a comment

Sure there are been some sputterings of renewed business and yes, there is a bit more activity. But seriously, since last year was so totally devoid of new business (thank goodness for those ongoing clients on retainer), a little upward blip does not really register in my cash flow.

It still seems that so many of my prospects are just “frozen”.

At first they seem interested and want a meeting and then they even ask for a proposal. I carefully craft an action plan that is sure to please and address their major needs and wants, all the while staying within their budget.

The proposals get submitted in a timely manner and then they just sit there while my prospects stall in the land of inertia.

They don’t say “no” and they don’t say “yes”. Sometimes I can’t get them to say anything at all, this despite screening them carefully and following up with an invitation to a networking event or luncheon, information about something of interest or even an introduction to a new contact. (See, I DO follow the 3 “I’s”!)

But still….nothing.

It’s frustrating especially since I do believe that I am tactically going about it in the correct way. I hear from other folks that they’ve been experiencing much the same thing and so we commiserate but that does nothing for that cash flow issue.

And so I’m following yet another one of my sales training rules: ¬†when the pipeline is flowing slowing you have to make certain that you fill it even more with prospects in varying stages of readiness and need. Although it might be flowing slowly, something, yes something, will definitely roll through and become that next new piece of business.

Or at least I sure hope so.

What are you doing to push the pipeline faster?


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