As Luck Would Have It

March 15, 2010 at 7:01 am | Posted in Adrian Miller Sales Training, entrepreneurship, Marketing, sales, Sales Training, small business | 2 Comments

“As luck would have it, my prospect was in the office when I called.”

“As luck would have it my email got a response.”

“As luck would have it I was able to finish the 5 mile jog.”

At one time or another I’ve heard all of those statements attributing success to luck.

Well, what’s luck have to do with it?

You made the call and deliberated about the best time to dial the phone.

You carefully crafted an email that was well conceived and deserved a reply.

You trained for weeks until your stamina was such that a 5-mile run was very doable.

As luck would have it.

We make our own luck.

We study what will work, train for it and then execute.

And maybe, just maybe, a tiny bit of luck might figure into the equation.

But luck means nothing if you don’t put yourself out there in a meaningful and intelligent way.  Luck equals hard work and effort. Luck means trying and possibly even failing at first. Luck means taking control of what you want to have happen.

Is it time to make yourself lucky?



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  1. Dear Adrian,

    I really appreciate your site. Thank you for your insights and guidance.

    In the midst of the financial crisis, there’s a lot of bashing and cynicism towards performance recognition and inspirational efforts in the workplace. Just check any bar in lower Manhattan! It’s a shame.

    As a VP leading over 100 salespeople, I’ve found that the hard fact
    is that QUALITY performance recognition works. Not just for morale,
    but in dollars. I have been using a couple of different tools to help me retain good people and to inspire excellence in them, which = larger sales figures. A#1 tool is a personal, elegant recognition concept called Design Your Inspiration ( ) . Intelligent, customizable with any words or great quotes you want to use (such as those in this very post!). All on framed art photography prints.

    Again, the quality of these, and the MEANING emparted, makes them
    highly effective for me. It has made an amazing difference! So while the cynics shed tears in their beers, we’re laughing all the way to the bank! Thanks again. Jim

    • Hi Jim. I really agree with you when you stressed QUALITY performance recognition. Smart folks can sniff out BS very quickly and rather than motivate, it demotivates and pisses people off!

      Kudos to you and your firm for doing it correctly! And thanks for that link too.

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