What’s Holding Them…And You…Back

January 30, 2010 at 5:19 pm | Posted in Adrian Miller Sales Training, Adrian's Network, entrepreneurship, sales, Sales Training, small business | Leave a comment

The economy remains slow, existing customers are still reluctant to buy, and new business seems to be virtually absent. Are these really the problems? Or is it simply self-inflicted inertia? Almost always, when a salesperson is not successful, sluggishness and inactivity are the primary causes.

The recession has definitely caused many inert salespeople to give up. Not so many years ago, when the economy was thriving, many so-called “professionals” only needed to do the bare minimum to make their quota or achieve their performance goals. These are exactly the same people who are now complaining that they are victims of the recession. Perhaps, they are more victims of their own inability to be proactive.

Customers are still reluctant to buy and many are just as plagued by the same inertia as your fellow salespeople who are twiddling their thumbs and complaining. However, there are ways to jumpstart your prospects and your sales by taking these movement-making steps:

Uncover Their Obstacles

Do you know the real reasons why your prospects aren’t saying yay or nay? It’s your responsibility to uncover the root causes of their inertia. Are they not budging because they have been burned in the past? Do they not have money? Is the person you’re selling to not the decision-maker? Without this information, you’ll be hard-pressed to overcome their indecision.

Restate Benefits

Often times, a sale isn’t made because a salesperson doesn’t clearly communicate the benefits of their product or service. This isn’t the same thing as spouting out features. It’s understanding your prospect and telling them clearly why their life will be better with what you are selling.

Provide Compelling Testimonials

Prospects will always feel more comfortable if they can read customer stories that are relevant and timely. Have readily available case studies, customer quotes, and references that you can give those who are sitting on the fence and unable to make a decision. One good testimonial can make all the difference.

Be Persistent

Stop complaining and just get out there. Make calls and visits. Follow through with enthusiasm, and stay focused on making those sales. Don’t let yourself be overcome by the inertia that is affecting those around you, and you’ll find that the economy is only as bad as you make it.


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