Looking for Mr. Goodlead

December 1, 2008 at 9:08 am | Posted in Networking, sales, Sales Training, small business | 1 Comment

Aren’t we all getting a little tired of hearing the dismal economic news? The endless stream of droning discussions about foreclosures, bailouts, bankruptcies, and, recession is enough to make even the most upbeat, positive salespeople want to bury their heads in the sand. Sure, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and discouraged when times are tough, but this is NOT the time to slow down. Instead, it’s a clear signal for you to stay in the game and ramp up your efforts.


Keep Close to Your Clients

The economy stinks, and that’s a fact. But, many businesses are still thriving. Don’t assume that your clients aren’t buying. Keep in regular contact with them. Find out what they’re doing to keep business going and how you can help. Don’t forget to cross-sell and up-sell. 


Keep Knowledgeable About Your Competition

In challenging times, put extra effort into watching your competition. Are they expanding their offerings, giving discounts or incentives to clients? Do you see any signs that the competition is hurting or possibly even failing? Competitive analysis is highly important right now to how you position yourself in the market.


Network Intelligently

If you’re not taking advantage of networking, you’re missing out on an ever-growing method of acquiring new customers. There are tremendous online and off-line networking opportunities for every industry. Don’t miss out on one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to grow your business.


Continue Prospecting

The economy is cyclical so stay focused. There are better days ahead. And meanwhile, keep yourself disciplined by establishing a certain number of calls that you make each and every day to reach out to new customers. Inevitably, you’re going to get customers who are hurting financially and can’t buy, but you’ll get others who are glad that you called and are ready to do business with you.


Hang in there!


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  1. you are so right!!!!!

    I am tired of the gloom. Really this is a good thing, we will all have to get a bit more effective in what we do. And many will have to evaluate what is really valuable and important in their life, a good thing for all.

    Thanks for the comments
    “Networking: it’s a cup of Tea!”

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