The Reality of Traffic Tickets and How to Fight Them (What I Learned on Facebook:) )

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So there I am perusing Facebook contacts, looking at profiles and seeing who my Facebook friends know. And I stumble…well cyber-stumble onto a firm that seems so darn smart, so necessary and so, well, helpful that I immediately send them a message and hook-up Facebook style.

Now, here’s the totally great part. The Facebook connection turned into a telephone conversation that turned into a lunch and invitations to events and introductions to speaking opportunities and so on. And then sharing time with mutual friends and the Facebook beat goes on. But that’s another post.

So now let me share my terrific resource with you and may you never need them…but if you do, you’ll know who to turn to.

Ya see, sometimes we get traffic tickets. And sometimes these traffic tickets are just plain wrong. And paying them without a murmur isn’t the best and right thing to do. And when that’s the case you need to turn to 888-Redlight. ┬áIn fact you can become a fan at Facebook.

Matt Weiss is the brains beyond the firm. A lawyer with an outrageous entrepreneurial bent, Matt launched a firm that has helped hundreds (no thousands) of people fight their tickets….and win!

Matt is also President of EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) and is a whirlwind of positive energy and life.

So, if you get a ticket, you know what to do. And tell him Adrian sent you.


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