Don’t Do the Training if You Don’t Have Someone to Monitor, Manage and Reinforce it

June 25, 2008 at 8:57 am | Posted in sales, Sales & Technology, Sales Training, small business, Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Training nightmare. You deliver a totally kick-a** program. Everyone is pumped. The training evaluations are through the roof and adrenaline is high.

Training ends. You’re assured that there will be “ongoing” management and reinforcement of the newly trained skills. You’re relieved because you know what happens when there is no skills refreshers and reinforcement….skills soon become stale and old patterned behaviors return…and with them, reduced sales success. But no, this isn’t going to happen because they have assured you that sales management is in place and they have all of the tools to do the job (and you even provide some additional reporting templates “just in case”).

You follow-up. Seems that things aren’t going so well. Sales have stayed flat. Prospects aren’t converting. Revenue boost is not being realized. You go back in to see what is happening.  And what do you find:


–There is no supervision, management, monitoring.

–Skills refreshers have not taken place.

–Sales reps are discouraged.

–Simple techniques that were initially embraced are not being followed.

And who’s to blame:  THE TRAINER!!  Not.


Training is a two-way effort. Trainers provide the skills and knowledge; on-site and in-house sales management supervise, reinforce and make certain that newly trained tips, tricks and techniques are used and become patterned behavior.

If you want ROI from your training programs, make certain that the follow-up is in place.  

The trainer can’t be held responsible if it isn’t!







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