What’s Going On?

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In this less than ideal economic climate, many salespeople are having a tough time earning business. You can be extremely diligent and think that you’re doing everything correctly and still be finding it difficult to make a sale.  No doubt, it’s frustrating!


The unfortunate reality is that the power to say yes or no completely rests in the hands of your prospects. Your job is simply to present value and benefits, overcome hesitancies, and guide them to want your solution to improve their situation. So, what if you’re doing all of these important things, and your prospects are still not budging?


Before you simply blame your bad luck on the economy, you need to ask yourself the following:


Are you 100 percent certain that you have addressed all of your prospect’s hesitancies and concerns?

You won’t be able to overcome a hesitancy that is unspoken or hidden. Take the time to probe thoroughly for what’s on their mind and help them reveal the true situation.


Have you made certain that the competition hasn’t wormed into the deal and caused your prospect to have second thoughts?

In many industries, competition is fiercer than ever before. It’s very likely that prospects are also talking to your competition. Be prepared for this, and take the necessary steps to shine above others trying to hone in on your prospects.


Are you 100 percent certain that you presented to the correct person who has buying and influencing authority?

You can make the most compelling sales presentation known to mankind, but if you’re pitching to the wrong person, you’re not making the sale. Qualifying your prospects is essential!


Are you aware of any “big” change that might be happening in your prospect’s company such as mergers, acquisitions, or changes in management?

These transitions can significantly delay decisions or require you to modify your sales approach. Don’t forget to ask prospects about any current or upcoming changes that could potentially impact a sale.


Are you confident about your touch point management program so that you can stay on the grid throughout an elongated sales process?

Evaluate how you go about staying with prospects through extended periods of time. If you don’t have a good system to keep in touch, you could be losing out on valuable sales.


Finally, if you’ve answered yes to all of these questions, don’t be afraid to ask, “What’s going on?” Sometimes asking a question as simply and directly as this can give you all the information you need to make the sale or cut your losses and move on.




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