Moments of Magic

April 6, 2008 at 2:58 pm | Posted in Customer Service | 1 Comment

My friend JoAnna Brandi ( calls them Moments of Magic. They’re those times when you recognize exquisite customer service….the kind that stands out from the ho-hum customer service that is being served up in most every business today.  I had my Moment of Magic twice this weekend and I am certain that both times, the company did not even know how special their employee was.  The first came this weekend when I was picking up a prescription at my local Rite-Aid. When I arrived the clerk at the pharmacy counter was speaking with an older women who was clearly confused about her choice of multiple vitamin.  I watched him carefully take the time to explain what she had selected and then come around the counter and take her over to the vitamins to show her a less expensive selection with the same ingredients. While he was doing this he also took the time to ask me for my patience, continued to check out her order (giving her a discount card as well), and wrapped it all up by asking if she needed any additional assistance.  Total time spent—probably no more than a few minutes but what a leap it was between making a sale and making a difference.

Next—in this time when we use the internet to make our travel plans I have the good fortune of working with the best, most responsive and reliable travel agent. Over the many years that I’ve used her services for both business and personal travel,  she’s saved me thousands of dollars, pointed out things I never would have known/done on my own and has made me look like a superstar when I’ve referred her to my friends and business contacts. My moment of magic with Roe ( transpired when she patiently—no really, really patiently—went through a huge volume of travel options for an upcoming trip overseas including forwarding emails and extra information, and then riding herd on the airline that raised their price before the tickets could be purchased (my delay not hers).  Oh yeah, did I mention my last trip in January when the hotel did not “honor” a commitment and she spent Saturday night tracking down the General Manager at his personal email address and making certain that the change was made.

Bottom-line, these two people take the time to make their customers feel comfortable and secure. They’re responsive but even more importantly, they’re proactive and take personal responsibility for making it right. How much more could you ask for?





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