What Our Parents Taught Us

February 27, 2008 at 10:07 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

“Don’t forget to say thank you.”

“Did you tell Mrs. Jones thank you for the cookie?”

“Send Aunt Joan a thank you note and tell her how much you apprecaited the birthday gift.”

What’s happening people? Have we all forgotten the basic courtesies that we learned back in grade school and even earlier.

Fast forward to adulthood and the world of networking and business referrals.

How many times have you given someone a name, lead or connection and just like that, they disappeared into the black hole?

Any recognition that you reached out to help them. Nope.

And I’m not talking about a big show of appreciation like a gift or anything like that.

A mere phone call or even a quick email message can suffice. Take it one step further and a handwritten note just about makes you a rock star in the courtesy camp.

I’m especially annoyed at a few of my “contacts” these days because there has been no thank you for leads that turned into booked business. What’s that about?

End result, their name has fallen to the very bottom of that referral list and there they will stay. In today’s highly comeptitive world, there are other people and companies that can do the work just as well and take their place.

Motto……remember what your mom said—-say thank you!


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