You’re a Good Networker if:

February 13, 2008 at 9:20 pm | Posted in Networking, small business | 1 Comment

I’ve been networking for what seems like a million years. And I’m good at it. I know I am and since I find it such an easy thing to do it totally amazes me that so many people that are actively involved in what they “think” is networking are really so ineffective at doing it.

Are you a good networker?

Do you do the following:

1. You think about making “connections” for people and do not wait for a “hot” lead to appear. These connections might not be to the end-user / decision-maker; rather, they can be to influencers and other individuals that help with the buying process.

2. You truly understand that even though there is no “scorecard” you must be a giver as well as a taker, even if it means getting creative with your introductions (see point 1).

3. You keep the person that makes the introduction in the loop (so they don’t feel like an idiot when their contact says “hey, I met with ______”).

4. You respond to introductions in a timely manner, even if your response indicates that you are busy and cannot meet or chat for a few weeks.

5. You ALWAYS thank the person that has made an introduction to you.

Keeping these points in mind, are you a good networker?


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