If the Shoe Fits

October 15, 2007 at 12:36 pm | Posted in Customer Service | 2 Comments

There’s a good article about Zappos.com in the October 07 issue of Direct Magazine. The article talks about Zappos’ “maniacal focus on a customer service-driven culture”. Having purchased shoes from Zappos, I can attest to their unfailing desire to go above and beyond what is expected. And that’s the point isn’t it….I mean isn’t good customer service merely delivering on what is expected in terms of product or service. Isn’t GREAT customer service giving something more—something unexpected that totally wows your customer. I wonder how many of us really do that wowing on a consistent basis. I’m a customer and I’m rarely wowed; in fact, most often I am sadly disappointed in the service quality that is delivered. Have you had any customer service WOW experiences recently. If so, please share!


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