But Wait…There Must Be Something Better

September 20, 2007 at 6:41 am | Posted in Networking | Leave a comment

The crazy busy Fall networking / trade show season is upon us with calendar listings in major business publications filled with date after date of what sound like bona fide valuable events. As a frequent presenter at some of these events I suffer from the “late enrollment” problem, the one that has potential attendees evaluating their choices till the very last minute and not making any sort of decision until they pretty much show up at the door. When I am merely the speaker it isn’t quite so bad a problem; I show up and do my thing regardless of the crowd. But as a frequent event “planner” I suffer through weeks and days of not knowing how much food to order, how large a room to reserve, and all the other operational details that go along with running a program. It harkens back to dating when you didn’t say “yes” because you were waiting to see if the person you REALLY wanted to ask you out would do so. (Or at least I think it was that way.) So for all of you folks that are waiting on the NYCof cocktail party, Ramon and Adrian’s seminar, the awesome Nov 7th LIEG event…take the plunge. Register today and eliminate the stress that lurks behind the scenes.


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