I Love Apple but…………

September 16, 2007 at 6:25 pm | Posted in sales | Leave a comment

I am the almost happy owner of a new iPod Nano and I have great hopes that it will help me to pass the time on an upcoming 9-hour trans-atlantic flight…uh, that is—if I can get my music that is on my computer onto the device. I tried and tried the click and drag instructions that seem awfully simple and still, no luck. Here’s where my love affair with Apple gets a bit grim. I tried to call the store. Yup. Wanted to speak with a human as I thought that there was just one teeny tiny step that I was missing.

Did you ever try to call the Apple store in NYC? 582,094 prompts later I was still unable to get to that elusive human. Click.

Yup. Another almost happy Apple customer.


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