My Most Unfavorite Call to Customer Service (for the day anyway)

September 12, 2007 at 6:59 am | Posted in Customer Service | 1 Comment

My apologies, for how many rants do you need to read about being on the receiving end of poor customer service. And, maybe not customer service as dispensed by the rep. No, I mean poor customer service as dispensed by the company that decided in their unimaginable wisdom to install an auto attendant that does not allow you the freedom to opt out and speak with a live person. Yes, another one of those, this time embodied by a well-known satellite TV company (Is that PC or what?). Endless prompts, inability to default and then even more endless waits until a “live” person was available to chat. So, if you are ever in a position to spec out a new phone system and the accompanying auto attendant feature take a minute and walk in the caller’s shoes. No really. We’re all customers at one point or another, despite our day job. And remember how infuriating it is to try to do business with a company that doesn’t respect its customer’s time. And perhaps even intelligence.

And when all else fails, consult and perhaps you can have a better experience.


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